Signings at Comiket Tōkyō 2014: souvenirs ~ コミックマーケット 86:思い出

FR EN 日本語
Présenter mes illustrations au Japon, à Tôkyô, au Comiket, c’est tellement énorme, et ça vient d’être fait !! Retour sur une journée de l’extrême ! Presenting my illustrations in Japan, in Tôkyô, at Comiket was such a huge opportunity, and this has just been achieved!! Back on an extreme day! 夢に見るほど私の作品を紹介する最高の場所のは日本です。東京です。コミックマーケットです!今から、それが完成して、胸がいっぱいになりました! みなさん、ブースに来てくれて本当にありがとうございました。
Puisqu’il s’agit de ma première participation, j’avais peur qu’étant inconnue personne ne s’intéresse à mon mini book. Et surtout, parmi ces milliers d’artistes japonais au talent immensément splendide, je ne suis rien, moi pauvre française passionnée par le Japon ! Mais le public japonais se montre curieux et surtout est très gentil : ils demandent la permission de regarder et remercient toujours avec une courbette, ils deviennent rayonnants quand je leur fais une signature, et on m’a même parlé en sonkeigo (langage de respect). Les Japonais sont fantastiques ! Mon moment rougissement : quand un japonais a cru en s’exclamant « yappari ! » que je travaillais à Toei animation #^.^#

Pour rappel, le Comiket est LA convention mythique et plus grande mondiale de dôjinshi, publications indépendantes : 590 000 visiteurs, 35 000 cercles d’artistes exposants. J’avais vraiment peur de la chaleur tropicale ajoutée à la foule, mais tout étant très bien organisé, ça s’est passé comme un charme ! Aucun mal à trouver de quoi boire et manger, les halls tout ouverts avec courants d’air, les zones intérieures climatisées, … Pourquoi avais-je peur ? Reste que c’est vraiment impressionnant de voir un public aussi dense de passionnés, il n’y a qu’ici que c’est possible *o*

Bref, une belle expérience typiquement japonaise. Merci à tous ceux qui sont venus sur le stand !!

Since it was my first participation, I feared that, being unknown, nobody will get interest into my mini book. Above all, among all these thousands of hugely talented Japanese artists, I am nothing, me poor little French fond of Japan! But the Japanese audience has been curious and especially kind: they ask permission to have a look at a book and always thank the author with a bow, they become radiant when I signed, and I was even been spoken in sonkeigo (the Japanese respectful type of language). The Japanese are fantastic! I literally blushed when a Japanese, crying « yappari! », thought that I work at Toei Animation #^.^#

To recap, Comiket is THE legendary convention and world’s hugest event dedicated to dôjinshi, i.e., independent publications: 590.000 attendees, 35.000 circles of exhibiting artists. I was really scares of the tropical heat added to the considerable crowd, but everything was nicely organized thus it went like a charm! No trouble finding something to drink or eat, the hallways remained opened with refreshing air streams, the interior zones benefited from air conditioning, … Why was I afraid? Still, this is really impressive to see such a dense audience full of passionated fans. This is the only place in a world such a gathering can happen *o*

In short, a beautiful typical Japanese experience. Thanks to every person who came on the booth!!

Signing sessions at the Salon du Livre de Paris 2014


I am happy, very happy to participate in the Salon du Livre de Paris (Paris Book Fair) 2014! Not only as an author-illustrator who signs, but also as the publisher of Univers partagés editions bringing all her artists to sign at this prestigious event!

In the side of my author-illustrator role, I will sign my two books Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie and Divines, Les beautés de la mythologie classique, according to the following schedule:

  • Friday 21th March, 10h-11h30
  • Sunday 23th March, 14h-15h

Please visit the stand C64 in Hall 1, Pays de la Loire. Throughout the duration of the book fair, all UP editions books will be on the stand. I really hope many of you will come!


Signing sessions at Malta Comic Con 2013 – memories


Festival "Malta Comic Con" (Valetta, MALTA) : Nov 30-Dec 01, 2013

Back from the mild Mediterranean temperatures of Malta, where I was surprised to be greeted warmly during my signing sessions☀

The Maltese public discovered my work and was enthusiastic. Many have acquired Berrie in English, but also the French version Fraisie and its Japanese version フレジー! My first artbook Cute flowers also had a great success, and the biggest surprise is Divines, sold-out even if it is only available in French. To the Maltese who came to see me, a big thank you!! Having the chance to meet you was fantastic!

Besides Maltese artists, this trip was rich in international artistic encounters. Italy, UK, USA, … Each artist had made thousands of miles to unite at this Comic Con, to share long meals on the terrace and to visit the island all together. All this, masterfully organized by the staff Wicked Comics, bravo! Thank you to them and to the Embassy of France in Malta for inviting me☆



Check out on my facebook profile my little snapshots!
During Malta Comic Con:

Photos of the trip to Malta:

☄ Malta

Signing sessions at Malta Comic Con 2013


I will be in signings at Malta next month, in the occasion of Malta Comic Con!

What a surprise to have been invited! Malta seems lovely, I can’t wait to discover this country♡

And above all, it will be my first worldwide signing sessions, among talented artists and with a new audience. Will they like my work? I’m worried, and also curious to see their eyes on my book Berrie, the Magic of Pastry in the English version. I will also bring the French and Japanese version for polyglots.

By dint of studying Japanese, I hope my English is still good. Luckily I’ll go to London shortly before for Doctor Who 50th Celebration Convention, which will be an opportunity to get a little rid of French accent.

Travel is life ! I’m very lucky, I thank so much the staff of Wicked Comics for thinking of me for this trip to Malta !

Malta Comic Con
St James Cavalier, Valletta
November 30 – December 1, 2013
Site officiel

Signing sessions at the festival Paris Manga 2013 – memories


It’s been awhile since I did not went in signings in Paris, so Paris Manga was a special moment. What wonderful encounters and reunions, I am very happy♡ For little and big girls who discovered my illustrations with Berrie, those who approved my text on Divines, those who follow my work for so many years, I give you a big kiss and thank you so much! Thanks to you, the festival was fantastic and moving! See you soon I hope (^^)/~~~

Salon "Paris Manga" (Paris) : 05-06 Oct 2013

UP editions at the festival Passion Japon 2012 – memories

This weekend at « Passion Japan » was fantastic! For the first festival where Univers Partagés editions has its booth, the audience was numerous and we sold a lot!

I’m glad of my work for the publishing house and communication. Morgan Magnin was interviewed by the newspaper Ouest-France and lectured at the heart of the island of Versailles for a dense and attentive crowd. The Japanese Garden of Nantes was a beautiful place for that! For my part as an artist, Fraisie and my goods have been sold very well, like cakes! The booth of UP éditions was so large that I have also exhibited original paintings in large format, that quickly found buyers. I sold everything!

And to show you pictures of this moment, here’s a video I did. Hope you’ll like it, it is not easy to capture scenes while taking care of a booth and signing:

UP editions at the festival Passion Japon 2012

やっと! Both UP-books are published in their paper book format, just in time to be exhibited on the UP-booth at Passion Japon! See you this weekend in the Japanese Garden of Nantes: the island of Versailles. I look forward to bathe in this Japanese atmosphere for my Japanese publishing house who loves Japan! For the occasion, not only you can get the books signed by the authors, but in addition to exclusive goodies await you!

For Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie, come meet me and discover my badges, mirrors and art prints!