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My illustrations

Illustration is my job, my passion, my life! Here are my main works of the past 20 years~

Collection Miss & bunnies

Collection Hana

Main character of my book Le voyage de Hana
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Collection Yume

From my book Envole-toi vers Yume
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Collection Fraisie

From my book Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie
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Pencil sketches

Playlist Papier-crayon ▶Polychromos pencil ▶

iPad Pro Speedpaints

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Collection “My universes”

Collection Gourmandises japonaises

From my book Gourmandises japonaises
・フランス人の私から見たお気に入りの日本のおやつ・Sweet Japanese sweets

Collection “My love for Japan”

Collection “Thoughts”

Style “Youth”: Collection “Lolita fashion”

Collection “Language of flowers”

Collection “Zodiac sign”

Style “Youth”: Collection “Lolita”

Acrylic paintings: Collection “Fruits & colors”

Theme: “Snow & Christmas”

Digital paintings ~ 2008-2009

Digital paintings: Style “Youth”: Collection “Fairy tales”

Acrylic paintings: Collection “Dark hair”

Digital paintings: Style “Youth” ~ 2007-2011

Digital paintings ~ 2003-2007

(with my previous artist name: “SaturnAlice”)

Digital & traditional art ~ 1999-2002



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