✐ Berrie [Illustration, iPad Pro & Apple Pencil, Speedpaint, MediBang] Berrie the Magic of Pastry


Fraisie [Illustration #12][iPad Pro & Apple Pencil, Speedpaint, MediBang] La magie de la pâtisserie Berrie [Illustration #12][iPad Pro & Apple Pencil, Speedpaint, MediBang] Berrie the Magic of Pastry フレジー [イラスト#12][iPad Pro & Apple Pencil スピードペインティング MediBang Paintアプリ] フレジーお菓子の魔法
Fraisie, l’héroine de mon livre : http://goo.gl/OMJvAl
Aussi disponible sur iBooks : https://goo.gl/tmwwZ0
Sur Kindle : http://goo.gl/fsjwO4
Sur Google Play : https://goo.gl/RgAJqa
Berrie, the main character of my book: http://goo.gl/Po1OXZ
Also available on iBooks: http://goo.gl/6lUKyz
On Kindle: http://goo.gl/zlB8Yy
On Google Play: https://goo.gl/YZAudP
フレジーは私の本の主人公です。私の本はこちら→ http://goo.gl/ZxNxYB
iBooksにもあります→ https://goo.gl/ycrjyg
Kindleにもあります→ http://goo.gl/221RaB
Google Playにもあります→ https://goo.gl/uiirR0


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