Cure Flora 【Go! Princess PreCure】~ キュアフローラ 【Go!プリンセスプリキュア】

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Premier dessin avec ma nouvelle Cintiq Companion 2 !

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First try with my brand new Cintiq Companion 2!

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← Fan-arts :

rosalys-art-blog-1 Mirai Kamiki 【Gundam Build Fighters Try】~ カミキ・ミライ 【ガンダムビルドファイターズトライ】- Color 99-aila-jyrkiainen-gundam-build-fighters-square Chino-chan and Tippy【Is the Order a Rabbit?】 Lillian and Luea【Lady Jewelpet】

← Original arts :

171-charming-japan_gyoen-square 170-charming-japan_make-up-square IMG_8469 169-charming-japan_tea-square IMG_8238

← Anime & mangas :

youkai-watch-movie-s IMG_7877 映画「STAND BY ME ドラえもん」なう! — at シネマメディアージュ. pokemon-xy-the-movie-hakai-no-mayu-to-diancie-s 20140705-183606-66966719.jpg

← Japon :

LB-rosalys-4 jlptres upper-view-bed-s rosalys-wakayama IMG_0284

← Alys in Wonder Japan :

alys-in-wonder-japan_01-cool-raoul-japan_square alys-in-wonder-japan_02-morvan-est-un-anime-otaku_square alys-in-wonder-japan_03-une-petite-ville-de-tokyo_square alys-in-wonder-japan_04-l-administration-version-japon_square alys-in-wonder-japan_05-comiket-mondialement-connu_square

← Gourmet :

royal-host-square wa-bi-sa-shibuya-3 giotto-shibuya-3 le-pain-de-joel-robuchon-shibuya-square kappogi-iidabashi-2

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