Concert J-music – 「ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR 〜BEST LIVE〜」 at Saitama Super Arena – live report


ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR 〜BEST LIVE〜

Getting the chance to see Ayu at her COUNTDOWN LIVE was already such an achievement in itself! But seeing her at ARENA TOUR in is even more ultimately awesome!! It sounds like a dream that one of my most sincere dreams came true today, it was even better than a dream! I have attented the very start of her special tour celebrating her 15th career anniversary, a beautiful event which promises a long prosperity ^__^

Saitama Super Arena

Nothing better than the Saitama Super Arena to start! This venue, welcoming up to 37 000 spectators, is really well-organized. The comfort is here, not ony with enough space to dance and even a cup holder but also the view, that is perfect wherever you are. Surprisingly, I have found the concert more intimate and moving in this place than at Yoyogi stadium, although the capacity of this latter venue is limited to « only » 13,000 spectators. But that may be Ayu’s power ^o^

Quel est votre rêve ?

The concert opens with a message on the screen: « Welcome to our beautiful cruel world ». The concert continues with additional messages, also conveyed by the songs, all consistent with the feelings Ayu wants to share. « What are your dreams? » As far as Ayu is concerned, various images of her numerous tours are brought out. These reminds the changes in her look, her style too, etc., but there always remains this obvious joy to share time and experieneces with her audience. « Don’t forget your dreams. » Applause from the audience. This concert is really beautiful, in its realization and especially in its underlying purpose ;___;

15th Anniversary

15 years later, Ayu is here to sing the first single which she lyrics by herself and which revealed her: « Poker Face ». We enjoy the best of her hits, re-orchestrated, re-thought, sublime! It is a pleasure to hear « M ». And what a surprise to see « Jewel » with a stage other than a long dress with feather fans: Ayu is suspended in the middle of the hall in a glass bowl full of water *o* Just amazing! And to come back till the present, we are given the chance to hear a remix version of « Wake Me Up ». This overview of her career is really well chosen, I have loved the whole setlist!

Encore and encore-bis

The end of the concert happened so quickly after the mythical medley « SURREAL ~ evolution ~ SURREAL » and « Voyage », we all want some more! Then, at the end of the Encore and the dance together with the audience on « Trauma », the whole public makes silent for Ayu’s thanks without mic. « Arigatô gozaimashita! » Ayu runs away with a big smile, while the curtains close. « Ayu! Ayu! Ayu! Ayu «  The public is fully energetic and this is a second encore that happens **o** Because finishing on « MY ALL » is just the best of any goodbyes, the one that makes tears flow from my eyes ;____; This is the best concert I have ever attended. Ayu’s songs represent the half of my life, where everything has been built, where all of my dreams have started to come true. One of my new mini-dreams is to see Ayu’s final concert of this tour in Japan or at a future tour!

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