Tokyo in August – natsu matsuri, concerts and live show for a very hot summer!

After Tokyo in February and in July, now ends August! This month, the climate is warmer and more humid, the atmosphere is more lively, the population density is at its peak, it’s way much more intense! But no panic, because the city is equipped to survive the hammam dog-days, and to do like Japanese people just take an sun umbrella and a mini-towel. And to survive to the terribly compact crowd at every event, just think that you live authentic holiday of Japanese people, indeed it is themselves who are there during O-Bon festivals. Really, I loved it, this is the month where I most loved deepen discovering Japanese culture, it even surpasses the cherry blossoms in April. What I enjoyed this summer are all those moments of sharing together, marveling at the blossoms in the sky, encouraging our superheroes, vibrating to the rhythm of the same music! Summary of the events of this fantastic month I liked:

Natsu matsuri, hanabi and Bon-odori

Edogawa-ku fireworks competition: fireworks in series
Asagaya Tanabata matsuri: a suspended gallery
Fukagawa Hachiman festival: mikoshi and water jets, wasshoi !
Bon-odori of Marunouchi: dances in round

Huge summer concerts

a-nation musicweek ANISON GENERATION 2012 : my live report
a-nation musicweek – Asia progress F and IDOL NATION (which were not exactly my universe in fact)
JAPAN ANISON CUP: a beautiful concert for TV Tokyo in a room-sized

Live show of heroes

“Smile PreCure!” show (+ “Kamen rider” show) at UDX natsu matsuri: episodes live
“Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters” show at G-Rosso theatre: lifelike Super Sentai
« Kamen rider » Premier Stage Show at Prism hall: a show of previous Kamen Rider up to Fourze
« Smile Precure! » ultra happy carnival at Convention center of Sunshine city: a heaven for little girls
« Ultraman » festival at Sunshine city: monsters and heroes for little boys

Exhibitions anime

« The Macross » Art Exhibition at Ikebukuro Seibu gallery: ekonte, cellulos, paintings and beautiful original illustrations!
« Evangelion » at Shiohaku: a giant Rei slide among skyscrapers
« Inazuma Eleven GO vs. Danball Senki W » at Toyota Amlux: football, kesshin and cars
« Accel World » at Namja town: exhibition and pastries Kuroyuki hime
« Ano Hana » at Odaiba TOHO MediAge: summer at the secret base with Menma


What an exhilarating summer to return to work wholeheartedly! Besides, don’t forget to acquire Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan, the indispensable guide to any visit to Tokyo if you like anime/manga ^__~

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