Open sharing – the virtuous circle of sharing

Last November, Trey Radcliff put into words what I felt for a long time about something important on the web: « The Spirit of Internet-trust ». Exactly the mindset that makes me love the Internet during the past 14 years, that made me put my website under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial (that also makes me love Google+).

And now, Trey writes about Pinterest and expands the topic to: « Sharing Is not the future; it’s the now ». I didn’t want get interested in Pinterest, I am already over-connected, but he know how to talk to me: I am an artist who creates in order to communicate and who has a strong belief in the goodwill of Internet users who appreciate my work sincerely. And therefore, do I want to share on a popular platform my latest creations that can be, if it’s appreciated, re-shared with the correct paternity respected? Yes! So here it is, I am on Pinterest, ah la la ^____^

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