Lolita fashion – Wa Lolita

Voici un style que j’aime beaucoup, déclinant le yukata japonais traditionnel avec la fantaisie du Lolita : le style Wa Lolita.

Lolita fashion - Wa Lolita

[EN] Wa rori (和ロリ), or Wa Lolita combines traditional Japanese clothing styles with the Lolita fashion. Wa Lolita usually consists of kimono or hakama modified to fit with common Lolita garments. The bottom half of the garment is altered to accommodate a petticoat, or a kimono-style blouse is used as a top to accompany a plain Lolita skirt. Outerwear can include haori or adult-sized hifu-vests. The shoes and accessories used in this style are typical of traditional Japanese garb including kanzashi flowers, and geta, zori, or Okobo. These shoes are often used in place of the normal Lolita platform and high-heeled shoes. The origin of the prefix Wa in Wa Lolita is the kanji Wa (和), which is used to denote many things of Japanese origin.

J’en ai aussi fait du papier à lettres pour mes propres besoins (pour l’anecdote, c’était afin de répondre à Amélie Nothomb). Au cas où vous aimeriez, je le partage avec vous : n’hésitez pas à l’utiliser pour vos correspondances ^_^