Create books is a passion that I shared with various publishers☆


Books created all by myself and printed in Japan♡

Other publications

Collection of fine art prints, publications in magazines, posters of festivals, …


Signings, demonstrations of drawing, workshop with children, organisation of creative events, juror of international contest, … When I have finished a book, I deeply enjoy meeting my audience!


I am happy to share my creations by exhibiting my work. The paintings put on display are unique, and created especially for the occasion.

Across the world

My LIMITED store

۰ Why does this store is called “LIMITED”? ۰
First, the products in this store are limited series.
Then, this store is open for a limited time.
I manage this store only when I am in France. When I live in Japan, this store is pending.
Retrouvez ces goodies dans ma boutique !

Goods shop

I also love sharing my works as gifts featuring my art
– accessories, clothing, electronics, for home, for office, etc.
Retrouvez ces goodies dans ma boutique !