Summer will be UP, will be Fraisie, will be … JAPAN!

June will be such an epic month! On the publisher side, I am fully focus on the promotion of Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan. On the author-illustrator side, I dedicate myself to the completion of Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie. On the events side, there are an exhibition, signing sessions and the Passion Japon festival to come. Finally, on my very personal side – and this will be the icing on the strawberry – I will once again take a plane to Japan just after my last signing session late June!!


Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan already benefits from a wonderful reception among readers: there are numerous sales, a high ranking among the best sellers in bookstores and enthusiastic press articles. What a success! The author is stunned by such an effect for his first solo release. And I feel I have done my job well and have embellished significantly a life, so I am glad ^___^


Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie is my ultimate book ^o^! 8 months of gestation, creation, improvements… Actually, not 8 months but a full 30 years life, filled with  dreams, creativity and experience, culminating in this book *___* It’s coming soon, it will be an explosion of joy when it releases!


The Rosalys exhibition starts. I will sign Fraisie.  In fact, I intended the publications of UP editions for the festival Passion Japan since the beginning. This festival will take place in the Japanese Garden of Nantes – the island of Versailles – on June, 23th and 24th. UP editions will have a booth with not only its books but also art prints, postcards and goods! It will be a colorful stand with beautiful giant posters!


Japan, I just went there in February-March for my 30th birthday, I fulfilled one of my dreams. And when I am passionate about something, my entourage is often contaminated with what I love ^o^ So my mother has for unattainable dream to visit Japan. She turns 60 this summer, so why wouldn’t I realize her dream? We only have one mom, we would not be what we are without her. That’s why I’ll go to Japan for a second time, this time by taking her on the plane, it’s my awesome gift, savings are made to be well used and I think it is a good occasion ^___^

2012, the year of the end of the world? Much better: The year where all dreams come true! Good month in June for you, enjoy 2012 a lot! Bite into life like into a beautiful strawberry ^o^

UP editions – Publication of Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan + press + bestseller

A declaration of love to Japan,
So many places to see in so little time,
A travel guide by a passionate,
So many otaku culture to discover.

Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan is officially out today, it’s party time! Take the plunge and travel to Japan from 1,99€!!

This UP-book is already highlighted by press articles and enthusiastic comments:

It’s even already bestseller in the category Asia on iBookStore, Kobo and Amazon! It’s really fantastic ☆彡 With UP editions, aim to the UP!

UP editions – Next book & eBook: Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan

This is a great pleasure to announce the new imminent publication of my publishing house, Univers partagés editions: Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan by Morgan Magnin. This travel guide, both traveling companion in Japan and concentratation of otaku culture to read wherever you are, is out in both paper book and eBook! A glossy coated paper for the book, high resolution photos optimized for the Retina display of the new iPad, a special design for all digital media in your pocket!

I loved working meticulously for every detail of this book. I know the author is glad of it, I hope you’ll enjoy the reading experience of your choice and above all that you’ll enjoy its contents ^__^

I am particularly pleased with the distribution of this book, from 1,99€ here is where you can get it: (French edition only, English edition coming soon)

Note that this book will also be available at signings and book fairs where the publishing house will have a booth. Besides, you can meet the author next month:

  • June 12 at the library Emilienne Leroux – Nantes, France
  • June 23 & 24 at the fair “Passion Japon” – Nantes, France.

I hope you’ll welcome this book, I’m really moved ;_; This is the first book in which I am neither author nor illustrator, but publisher. The first of many with new authors to make discover, this is my wish ^__^ And this, if all goes well, if the publishing house goes well, so can I count on your support?