Doctor Who 50th Celebration convention at ExCel London – my live report


Doctor Who is a popular phenomenon that can’t exist anywhere else than in United Kingdom, and for the 50 years of the series, the country was celebrating! A special episode in 3D in theaters, a huge convention dedicated, crowd of reruns and new documentaries on BBC channels, … All very well organized and in a good ambiance, I was impressed by the londoners and really happy to have had this special anniversary among them!

The place of the convention: ExCel London

The 3 main panels: Regenerations, The eleventh hour and SFX show

Organizing this event

The main panel, the day after the diffusion of the special episode


Matt Smith & me (^_−)−☆

Matt Smith & me (^_−)−☆

These images are my iPhone photos with captions that I posted in live on my facebook profile.


And do you enjoy seeing sketches? I’m having fun right now in uploading photos of sketches directly via iPhone in Instagram: @rosalys_art ^o^! As I spend much more time in putting the finishing touches to my illustrations now – average completion time from 8 hours to… 5 days ^^; – it’s a fun way to continue to share new pictures.

So far I had not tested Instagram because there are already plenty of networks. And the Open Graph of facebook, as an inter-network protocol, began to integrate it very well, so I let myself try ^ o ^ What a surprise to see that so many people use it regularly! I found illustrators Japanese, American, French, mostly everyone, it’s fantastic! If you too are on Instagram, feel free to add me ^_^