New year in Tôkyô, 2013-2014 version


There is no better place to spend the new year than Tokyo for me. Magnificent illuminations, ultra-festive concerts, optimistic customs, fukubukuro and huge sales, and above all it’s my beloved Japan! 2013 has been a year full of possimpibles, the year when I spent several months in Tokyo. 2014 is the year when big life projects will be realized, especially maybe a longer life in Japan. This is both exciting and so immense that it is difficult to stop working on all fronts. By the way, one of my resolutions in 2014 is to take the time to appreciate the flavor of everything, just as we contemplate and enjoy tea in a o-chaya. Being aware of our luck every day and turn every good experience into unforgettable memory, it’s becoming more happier! Then here are my beautiful memories of this new year:

Until December 28: Fireworks

December-January: Illuminations

The transition to the new year: J-music Concerts

「ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A」


New year’s day: Hatsumôde

From 1 January: Fukubukuro


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Tôkyô in August, 2013 version – final


The more I spend time in Japan, the more I love this country, its culture and its people. Also, my dreams and my future projects are beeing built in Tokyo! My Japanese level now exceeds the intermediate level, I worked very hard for it. And of course, August is the month of the best shows, festivals and concerts! I even attended a game of baseball Giants against the Swallows, it was just epic! It’s only in Japan that you can love supporting a sport that does not interest you at first!


Tokyo Yakult Swallows VS Yomiuri Giants at Meiji jingu stadium


a-nation stadium fes.


Girls’ factory, T.M.Revolution’13 -UNDER:COVER 2

Culture pop


Dokidoki PreCure, Puroland

Kamen Rider the diner

Exhibition Fujiko・F・Fujio 80th anniversary


Super Yosakoi at Harajuku



Sunshine aquarium

Tôkyô tower by night


These images are my iPhone photos with captions that I posted in live on my facebook profile.

Kanda matsuri at Kanda myôjin


One of the three largest Shinto matsuri has occured this week-end: Kanda Matsuri! While Saturday was rainy for shinkosai, this Sunday was just like a summer day, beautiful and very warm, perfect for the parade of mikoshi! Kanda Matsuri is normally held once every two years, but because of the earthquake of March 11th, the festival could not take place recently. This is the first time in four years that the matsuri returns, and what enthusiasm!

I have gone to the great shrine Kanda myôjin, where hundreds of mikoshi are brought. Every one of these mikoshi were as splendid as terribly heavy, courageously borne by inhabitants of the Kanda area, visibly proud and happy to participate in the fun! Priests, participants, visitors, everyone had a smile. The atmosphere was joy mingled with the smell of tasty food and taiko music.

The parade took place over 30km, from Ochanomizu to Nihonbashi through Akihabara. It was really impressive, and everyone pitched in! There was a mikoshi carried only by women, and another by small children, which was so cute! (even the dogs wore special happi for this event ^o^)

My photos, at Kanda myôjin

At Akihabara

Special participants

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Kanda matsuri

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J-music concert – KAWAii MATSURi : May’n, T.M.Revolution, Shôko Nakagawa + SEKAI NO OWARI



KAWAii MATSURi highlights the Japanese kawaii culture music fashion x x x anime idol, pop culture Harajuku, Shibuya and Akihabara. This is a totally fun and revendicated cocktail! Today was the first day of this matsuri week-end, with spotlighs on Shôko Nakagawa, May’n and T.M.Revolution. What a pleasure to see them again, that was so great ^o^

Day 1 – Matsuri da Tokyo

Shôko Nakagawa


Shokotan arrived on stage, with a surprisingly very simple hairstyle, but still kawaii dress. Her 30-minutes long concert began naturally “Sorairo days”, opening song of Gurren Lagann, and immediately ignited the atmosphere, immediately great! What I liked the most: “Pegasus Fantasy Version Ω”, theme of Saint Seiya Ω, it was the epic moment of her performance. “Saint Seiya! Heyyyyy “everyone with his glowstick forward!



If I got interested in Kawaii matsuri, it was of course because of the presence of my dear May’n! Just by seeing that she was taking part in this event, I was willing to be there ^o^ And she did not come alone: ​​her dancers accompanied her to start strongly with “Universal Bunny” from Macross Frontier (but if you are frequent readers of my blog, you already known it ^^). Nothing could make me happier! And to continue this performance at hectic pace, “Giant Step” Kamen Rider Fourze!

Then came a quick MC during which May’n explained she had just finished her world tour. She felt that Japanese culture was really appreciated by everyone all over the world, whatever the form: idol, video games or anime, and – of course – anisongs, which are all part of Japan’s culture! Ah ~ I really agree with this point!

Back to the concert with the legendary “Diamond crevasse.” Acceleration with “Scarlet Ballet” and “Brain diver”, to finish on the new single to be released on May 5th: “Run Real Run.” May’n finished by asking the question: she was invited to Kawaii matsuri, but is she kawaii? What a question! This is so obvious ^o^



The grand finale is Takanori, who comes with his band! He also asked whether he is kawaii, but he has not even to wait for the answer from the audience. For his part, he speaks about J-pop, J-rock, rock… all are part of him, they are also part of Japanese culture, yeaaah heyyyyyy!

The fire started immediately with “FLAGS”, then “LEVEL 4″. Obviously, I loved the songs of legendary Gundam seed, we enjoyed both “INVOKE” and “ingnited!” But what I liked the most was to hear again the first song that made me discover T.M.Revolution in 1998: “The party must go on.” And to finish with a big slap, “HIGH PRESSURE!”

Whenever I just see Ayumi Hamasaki, with the feeling of having seen the best concert of my life, T.M.Revolution succeeds in giving me an extra slap *___*

Tôkyô Metropolitan Gymnasium

Writing only about the performance of my favorite singers would not be a good summary of the matsuri. I need to talk a bit about the venue: this is not a good one for concerts. There is a resonance in the gym, plus a bad sound, and soundtracks of Shokotan and May’n sounded so strange. On the other hand, this was strange to put booths at the rear half of the arena and blocking at the same time a large part of alleys and seats, which resulted in a general feeling of emptiness, emphasizing the real vacuum. I do not understand why this event has no sold out, probably because he has just born… Still, the event is really cozy and offers a chance to attend the performance of very good artists ^o^ The opportunity to see them all is very beautiful!

Day 2 – Harajuku kawaii

Tomorrow is the last day of the weekend matsuri, under the sign of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. My new favorite, SEKAI NO Owari, will be embedded in a lot of fashion shows. I do not think anything will top the evening Anisong yesterday for me, but you never know, there are also SCANDAL and Passepied!

EDIT of the 21th april: Aaaaah this last day was epic with:



This is the first time I see them live, so I did not have too many expectations: after the announcement of the group’s arrival, everyone stood up excitedly and strident girls voice arose. They were the real stars of KAWAii Matsuri! With their unique sound, which rings like both rock and electronic music, with the sweet melody of the piano and the pop singer’s voice, SEKAI NO OWARI made everyone happy result “Starlight Parade”. There’s something in their music that instantly transmits a smile! And the attendees participate a lot, with great enthusiasm. The beat of the music changes at every verse, which has the effect of changing the gestures of spectators – clapping, arms all forward – everything is obvious and totally fun! Finally, even superior than Ayu’s and T.M. Revolution’s, the collective experience of SEKAI NO OWARI live is my big BIG favorite!

They executed the main titles of their first album “Entertainment” at a major, including “Fantasy” and “Tenshi to Akuma” that I love soooooo much, to conclude the performance with songs from their previous albums. There were also se special spotlight on their new title “RPG”, the theme for the Crayon Shin-chan movie that comes out in theaters in April. Shin-chan also made an appearance in the audience and danced throughout the song, it was so cute!

Finally, note the emphasis on the song “Love the warz”, with texts in the preamble reminding the horrors of the 2nd World War and most of its victims. A truly unique group, so nice and more committed… THE success of this matsuri, for me, it is SEKAI NO OWARI at 1000%!

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Kawaii matsuri

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Concert J-music – 「ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR 〜BEST LIVE〜」 at Saitama Super Arena – live report


ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR 〜BEST LIVE〜

Getting the chance to see Ayu at her COUNTDOWN LIVE was already such an achievement in itself! But seeing her at ARENA TOUR in is even more ultimately awesome!! It sounds like a dream that one of my most sincere dreams came true today, it was even better than a dream! I have attented the very start of her special tour celebrating her 15th career anniversary, a beautiful event which promises a long prosperity ^__^

Saitama Super Arena

Nothing better than the Saitama Super Arena to start! This venue, welcoming up to 37 000 spectators, is really well-organized. The comfort is here, not ony with enough space to dance and even a cup holder but also the view, that is perfect wherever you are. Surprisingly, I have found the concert more intimate and moving in this place than at Yoyogi stadium, although the capacity of this latter venue is limited to “only” 13,000 spectators. But that may be Ayu’s power ^o^

Quel est votre rêve ?

The concert opens with a message on the screen: “Welcome to our beautiful cruel world”. The concert continues with additional messages, also conveyed by the songs, all consistent with the feelings Ayu wants to share. “What are your dreams?” As far as Ayu is concerned, various images of her numerous tours are brought out. These reminds the changes in her look, her style too, etc., but there always remains this obvious joy to share time and experieneces with her audience. “Don’t forget your dreams.” Applause from the audience. This concert is really beautiful, in its realization and especially in its underlying purpose ;___;

15th Anniversary

15 years later, Ayu is here to sing the first single which she lyrics by herself and which revealed her: “Poker Face”. We enjoy the best of her hits, re-orchestrated, re-thought, sublime! It is a pleasure to hear “M”. And what a surprise to see “Jewel” with a stage other than a long dress with feather fans: Ayu is suspended in the middle of the hall in a glass bowl full of water *o* Just amazing! And to come back till the present, we are given the chance to hear a remix version of “Wake Me Up”. This overview of her career is really well chosen, I have loved the whole setlist!

Encore and encore-bis

The end of the concert happened so quickly after the mythical medley “SURREAL ~ evolution ~ SURREAL” and “Voyage”, we all want some more! Then, at the end of the Encore and the dance together with the audience on “Trauma”, the whole public makes silent for Ayu’s thanks without mic. “Arigatô gozaimashita!” Ayu runs away with a big smile, while the curtains close. “Ayu! Ayu! Ayu! Ayu “ The public is fully energetic and this is a second encore that happens **o** Because finishing on “MY ALL” is just the best of any goodbyes, the one that makes tears flow from my eyes ;____; This is the best concert I have ever attended. Ayu’s songs represent the half of my life, where everything has been built, where all of my dreams have started to come true. One of my new mini-dreams is to see Ayu’s final concert of this tour in Japan or at a future tour!

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Earthquake simulation at Ikebukuro bôsaikan


Being prepared in case of earthquake or fire, in Japan, is paramount. This is what we learned at the museum of prevention of disasters at Ikebukuro, operated by the Tokyo Fire Department. Their training allows not only to understand the survival instructions in situation, but mostly it made ​​me aware of the violence disaster and the fear that we may feel. Nature inflicts to the Japanese people really hardships T_T

The training begins with a movie about the earthquake of the great east of Japan (Tôhoku) of the 3th March 2011. Explanations are given with real images, from the tectonic plates to the different earthquakes generated, following by the consequences from tsunami to wide fires. The movie ends by the will to learn from this terrible past in order to protect the future, and by the solidarity shown by each person after the disaster. “Japan became one.” This movie was again a big shock to me, I held back my tears all along ;____;

I participated in the fire and the earthquake simulations with the language institute where I’m taking intensive japanese lessons – without whom I would not have considered taking such a training, ありがとうございました!The fire simulation is very interesting: the aim is to escape from a house on fire. Therefore, it is dark and we must protect ourselves from the toxic smoke while fleeing. The simulation of earthquake is terribly impressive: a dining room is shaken by a shock of magnitude 9.0 and the goal is to protect ourselves under a table. The kinetic energy is so powerful that I blurted shouts. Just that, without the noise and other damages, it’s already really scary O__O

In tourist guides, I saw Ikebukuro bôsaikan referred as “free museum and attractions.” I don’t agree, this is not fun. This is survival. And it’s just necessary.

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How to get there

  • Ikebukuro bôsaikan
    2-37-8 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
    By metro/train: Ikebukuro station
  • View on Google maps

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My first hanami outdoor party!


Today was the last day to contemplate cherry blossoms in Tôkyô, as the petals have been continuously falling since Friday. And indeed, it was so~ great to drink with new friends under a rain of petals! Yoyogi Park was such a perfect place for the occasion. Despite the fact that the weather was so cold with drizzle, many people were also there for an ultimate o-hanami.

I have met such kind people, coming from various horizons – designers, advertisers, coordinators, etc – and from various cultures. It was a moment without borders, I love Tôkyô so much for that! All under the same sky ね♡

(By the way, I have never drunk so much. Japanese sake can be enjoyed with no limit♪)
(This is not true, don’t drink too much, especially if you have a meeting just after ^o^)

Hanami party is also the occasion to do fun things. Guess what: I have the powers of Super Saiyan ^o^

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Lesson of Japanese dubbing with professional seiyû at Tôkyô


I have been fortunate enough to attend a dubbing course with Japanese dubbing professionals: Rikako Yamaguchi, Yui Watanabe and Shunsuke Sakai! These seiyû are talented and really adorable♡

The event took place in a sumptuous room of Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel in Odaiba. But before that, it was the Tokyo Anime Fair that I first met Yui Watanabe. She introduced herself as one of Triple-H in Mawaru penguindrum and the voice of Sorakara-chan, the official mascot of the Tokyo Skytree. These are prestigious roles, I know them all *o* I was very pleased to talk with her, thanks to my currently improving Japanese ^^ She has a really unique, very cute, voice!

Then, We gathered with the other two seiyû. Shunsuke Sakai introduced himself as a kôhai who is teased by her other two sempai ^o^ He is very dynamic, it is impressive to see how quiet he usually is and how passionate he becomes when it begins to overtake a character! His vocation became evident upon hearing “Ka-me-ha-me-haaaaa!” in Dragon ball, a situation he is able to play with a lot of energy! Rikako Yamaguchi mainly cites her roles in GON, Lego Friends and her works as a teacher in a seiyû school. She is the one who led the day’s lesson, with one of the most enjoyable smiles, while being very pedagogical.

The course began with exercises to improve one’s voice. Rikako explained that all these exercises where practiced daily by seiyû, otherwise their potentical would severely diminish. We practised the stretching breath exercises, then rose our voices to 40%, 60%, 80% and finally 100% of their full capacity. The conclusion is that when dubbing, one should always use his voice at 100% capacity. Not so simple!

Then came the script part. We trained on Pata pota Monta, an anime in which they all have a role. While the script in English is of course written horizontally, the Japanese one is written vertically. The script is divided into stages, each stage having a column explaining the context and a column with the text to be spoken. Everyone has to annotate the script, highlight his lines and notice the timecode at which his speech has to begin. This part seems trivial but it determines the success of dubbing!

Recording. I had the opportunity to try dubbing in France at a conference of French professional dubbers. The French method is very intuitive: it consists in reading a text which scrolls on the screen broadcasting the anime to dub. Thanks to this process, the work has already been prepared, time encoding being adressed at the same time the text is written. The Japanese way of dubbing is far different: this preparation must be done by the dubber himself. Oh la la, following the anime on the screen, finding the appropriate text on one’s sheets at the right time, reading and acting while remembering the context specified in the left column, aaaaaah! It is really hard ^^; It is just amazing that the seiyû are able to do it in such a natural and credible way…

I guess it is necessary to learn by heart the text one has to play. I am sure that you need to know perfectly the anime and the characters’ psychology. At least to perform well all the small details of the script, just like freetalk areas. What one has to say at those moments? It is difficult to improvise on the fly, so knowing the universe of the anime is the key. That is probably why Japanese voices can sound so emotional and truthful.

I’m really happy for having the chance of enjoying this experience. The three seiyû were so nice! Shunsuke gave us an appointment in the future in an anime. Eeeh? As a dubber?! Impossible ^^ But in a not so distant field, yes, because all this universe is precious to me, at the time I illustrate the next novel to be published by Univers partagés editions: Blind Spot, whose heroine climbs her way to become a seiyû in Japan! So, see you soon, seiyû world full of passion!

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My favorite o-hanami spots at Tôkyô: Cherry blossoms in full bloom at Chiyoda + Ueno


When I go to Tokyo, I love living at Chiyoda. I like this ward, it’s the center of the city, close to everything, and above all it’s full of beautiful gardens all around the Imperial palace! As there are many paths bordered with cherry trees, the district becomes lovely and very lively.

This year, cherry blossoms bloomed early. Almost exactly at the moment I arrived in Japan. It was moving for me to start my stay by o-hanami, this celebration to spring and to nature that is so important and unique to Japanese people.

So I followed the blooming from the beginning, with a great attention to flowers that I never had in France. Here are some photos of my favorite spots during one week, at Chiyoda of course, and also some other spots.

Chidorigafuchi and gardens of Imperial palace

Monday 18th March: sakura started to bloom. Just before, the temperature reached 26°C! But this day, there was a very strong wind, so the flowers were hiding itself. I never followed the weather information with so much anxiety for trees ^^

Thursday 21th: the day before full bloom. The city was already testing the night lighting. Chidorigafuchi at sunset, seen from Kitanomaru kôen, was so gorgeous.

Friday 22th: Full bloom at total night. The cherry trees were marvelous, each sakura looked like shiny pink stars! And also it smelled so good, the perfume of sakura was delicate and sweet♡

Saturday 23th: the first weekend following the full bloom. Every places were very crowded, we could feel everybody enjoying what they saw.

I’m definitely a Chiyoda-ku sakura supporter ^_^

Thursday 28th: The sakura petals started to fall at the Higashi gyôen of Imperial palace. Intense and ephemeral beauty…

Friday 29th: Each year, a cherry tree has to be cut down. With this wood, chopsticks, bowls, straps, and more goods are made and sold this day only. “Made from a tree that takes 100 years to grow, goods that can be used 100 years”. These unique and limited goods are called “Symbol of Chiyoda” and the money collected helps to preserve the park of cherry tree in the city. Do I have to say that I bought a lot of these goods? ^^

Yasukuni jinja

Monday: only one tree started to bloom. The shrine was so quiet.

Friday: the night of full bloom. A great matsuri took place around the shrine, with lots of booths of tasty food!


Less crowded. It was nice to walk along this flowery path.


I was amazed that Ueno park could be so different from this summer. Cherry blossoms can profoundly change landscapes!

O-hanami is really a warm moment to share with everybody, at any age, and any culture. It makes me love in a new way the transition from winter to spring. I hope I could celebrate o-hanami again in the future!

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How to get there (by Tôkyô metro)

  • Chidorigafuchi, gardens of Imperial palace and Yasukuni jinja
    • → Kudanshita station
  • Sotobori-dôri
    • → Ichigaya or Iidabashi station
  • Ueno kôen
    • → Yushima or Ueno station


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Goodbye France, Hello Japan


Goodbye France,
I was back just the time of the publications I dreamed.

Hello Japan,
I’m back to see you as beautiful as you are at spring!


Back from Japan, I wish you a happy new year!

japon-kadomatsu-rosalysTo finish the epic year of my 30 years, which saw the birth of my publishing house, my book about magical girl and my return to Japan, what’s better than spending the holidays in Tokyo?

明けましておめでとうございます!I wish you a very happy new year 2013! I hope that my news will continue to please you, I will continue to do my best. 今年もよろしくお願いします ^_^

2012 ended with much joy and so begins 2013! I took the time to write a lot of articles about what touched me the most, I hope I have been able to share with you these moments of joy! Here are pointers to these posts (in french):

Traditions and tourism

J-music concerts


Nintendo 3DS

Tokyo in August – natsu matsuri, concerts and live show for a very hot summer!

After Tokyo in February and in July, now ends August! This month, the climate is warmer and more humid, the atmosphere is more lively, the population density is at its peak, it’s way much more intense! But no panic, because the city is equipped to survive the hammam dog-days, and to do like Japanese people just take an sun umbrella and a mini-towel. And to survive to the terribly compact crowd at every event, just think that you live authentic holiday of Japanese people, indeed it is themselves who are there during O-Bon festivals. Really, I loved it, this is the month where I most loved deepen discovering Japanese culture, it even surpasses the cherry blossoms in April. What I enjoyed this summer are all those moments of sharing together, marveling at the blossoms in the sky, encouraging our superheroes, vibrating to the rhythm of the same music! Summary of the events of this fantastic month I liked:

Natsu matsuri, hanabi and Bon-odori

Huge summer concerts

a-nation musicweek – Asia progress F and IDOL NATION (which were not exactly my universe in fact)

Live show of heroes

“Kamen rider” Premier Stage Show at Prism hall: a show of previous Kamen Rider up to Fourze

“Smile Precure!” ultra happy carnival at Convention center of Sunshine city: a heaven for little girls

“Ultraman” festival at Sunshine city: monsters and heroes for little boys

Exhibitions anime

“The Macross” Art Exhibition at Ikebukuro Seibu gallery: ekonte, cellulos, paintings and beautiful original illustrations!

“Evangelion” at Shiohaku: a giant Rei slide among skyscrapers

“Inazuma Eleven GO vs. Danball Senki W” at Toyota Amlux: football, kesshin and cars

“Accel World” at Namja town: exhibition and pastries Kuroyuki hime

“Ano Hana” at Odaiba TOHO MediAge: summer at the secret base with Menma


What an exhilarating summer to return to work wholeheartedly! Besides, don’t forget to acquire Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan, the indispensable guide to any visit to Tokyo if you like anime/manga ^__~

Japan in July – 7月に日本

Little interlude on my summer in Japan ^o^ At Tokyo in July, it’s really summer: it is very hot and the atmosphere is so good! As soon as I landed in Japan in late June, I sailed on a superb futuristic boat on the Sumida River. The surprise is that this ship had just been launched – Hotaluna, design by Leiji Matsumoto (Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999, etc.)! Just the time to drink a Dragon Ball Kai soda, to see the gigantic Gundam at Odaiba, and it was already Tanabata. I am glad to have lived this festival I’ve always loved the legend – the two stars Vega and Altair can finally join. I’ve also rise very high, up to 250 meters at a speed of 600m/min ^o^ I also managed to get a reservation to ride the brand new Tokyo Skytree but, with the jetlag, I was wrong to days ;___; How inappropriate to dwell on the other side of the planet and not feel the days pass! And now, let’s head for: Japan in August ^_~

my trip to JAPAN – 私の大切な日本♡

I’m back from the country of my heart! During my previous trip, I visited many shrines and traditional places, I especially loved the Path of Philosophy in Kyôto. For this trip, I mostly immersed in the life of electrified youth in Tôkyô, its huge buildings, its themed cafes, its amusement parks, its wonderful shops for gals, its extensive bookstores, … A trip 100% fun!

But you already know that if you followed my live posts on social networks ^o^ I repost the pictures that I shared from Japan here. I don’t tell you more, maybe a little surprise will come ^___~

Departure for my trip to Japan!

At last, I’m going to Tôkyô! This is my second trip to Japan, I am so happy that I wanted to draw a bit of Japan (´▽`)ノ

See also the complete illustration and the closeup

When I’ll be back I would have 30 years old. For this passage, I wanted above all realize two dreams: build my publishing house and go to Japan. And it will become two realized dreams *___*

Time flies, we must live our passions and our youth wholeheartedly! I will publish pictures live from Tôkyô on my timeline Facebook and Google+ ^_~

Happy holidays for you and see you soon! またね!

Full metal alchemist cosplay

Saturday, I was in a french convention (Japanim spirit 5). It was so great !!! I wasn’t gone at an anime con since very long time, so I meet lot of old friends ^_^ I was very very glad to see Maeva cosplaying Envy, Ylric cosplaying Bradley, and all their friends that I’m not able to list totally (I have no memory, I’m ashame #^^#). I haven’t seen any Roy Mustang, but I was already happy that people recognize me as Master Izumi, huhu !!! I have some photos but there are all crapy +_+ I’m waiting for the photos of my friends, I hope so much that it will be better O_o And to the ones I meet but with who I haven’t talk very much, I’m sorry ^o^;;;;; I always want to meet everyone and so I run everywhere, looool !