Departure for my trip to Japan!

At last, I’m going to Tôkyô! This is my second trip to Japan, I am so happy that I wanted to draw a bit of Japan (´▽`)ノ

See also the complete illustration and the closeup

When I’ll be back I would have 30 years old. For this passage, I wanted above all realize two dreams: build my publishing house and go to Japan. And it will become two realized dreams *___*

Time flies, we must live our passions and our youth wholeheartedly! I will publish pictures live from Tôkyô on my timeline Facebook and Google+ ^_~

Happy holidays for you and see you soon! またね!


And do you enjoy seeing sketches? I’m having fun right now in uploading photos of sketches directly via iPhone in Instagram: @rosalys_art ^o^! As I spend much more time in putting the finishing touches to my illustrations now – average completion time from 8 hours to… 5 days ^^; – it’s a fun way to continue to share new pictures.

So far I had not tested Instagram because there are already plenty of networks. And the Open Graph of facebook, as an inter-network protocol, began to integrate it very well, so I let myself try ^ o ^ What a surprise to see that so many people use it regularly! I found illustrators Japanese, American, French, mostly everyone, it’s fantastic! If you too are on Instagram, feel free to add me ^_^