Publication of 女性的な神々 (Divines) Japanese edition

While the Paris Book Fair is about to start, it is a pleasure to announce the release of 女性的な神々 (Joseiteki na kamigami), i.e. Divines Japanese edition ꒰ ૢ❛ั◡❛ั ॢ✩꒱

My poetic prose is translated by Masaya Nakatsu, and the book is available in print version as well as in eBook version. It is accessible to young and old, beginners and experienced in Japanese, because the book includes furigana in all its versions.


Signing sessions at the Salon du Livre de Paris 2014


I am happy, very happy to participate in the Salon du Livre de Paris (Paris Book Fair) 2014! Not only as an author-illustrator who signs, but also as the publisher of Univers partagés editions bringing all her artists to sign at this prestigious event!

In the side of my author-illustrator role, I will sign my two books Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie and Divines, Les beautés de la mythologie classique, according to the following schedule:

  • Friday 21th March, 10h-11h30
  • Sunday 23th March, 14h-15h

Please visit the stand C64 in Hall 1, Pays de la Loire. Throughout the duration of the book fair, all UP editions books will be on the stand. I really hope many of you will come!


Signing sessions at Malta Comic Con 2013 – memories


Festival "Malta Comic Con" (Valetta, MALTA) : Nov 30-Dec 01, 2013

Back from the mild Mediterranean temperatures of Malta, where I was surprised to be greeted warmly during my signing sessions☀

The Maltese public discovered my work and was enthusiastic. Many have acquired Berrie in English, but also the French version Fraisie and its Japanese version フレジー! My first artbook Cute flowers also had a great success, and the biggest surprise is Divines, sold-out even if it is only available in French. To the Maltese who came to see me, a big thank you!! Having the chance to meet you was fantastic!

Besides Maltese artists, this trip was rich in international artistic encounters. Italy, UK, USA, … Each artist had made thousands of miles to unite at this Comic Con, to share long meals on the terrace and to visit the island all together. All this, masterfully organized by the staff Wicked Comics, bravo! Thank you to them and to the Embassy of France in Malta for inviting me☆



Check out on my facebook profile my little snapshots!
During Malta Comic Con:

Photos of the trip to Malta:

☄ Malta

All my latest books at Malta Comic Con 2013

Finally, after some talks with the various publishers of my solo artbooks, I’ll bring an exceptional stock, in addition to my latest releases at Univers shared editions! It’s like a super combo ^o^ So here are the books that will fly with me this weekend to Malta:

And, as usual, I’ll post live reports about the event and about the country on my facebook photo albums!

Signing sessions at Malta Comic Con 2013


I will be in signings at Malta next month, in the occasion of Malta Comic Con!

What a surprise to have been invited! Malta seems lovely, I can’t wait to discover this country♡

And above all, it will be my first worldwide signing sessions, among talented artists and with a new audience. Will they like my work? I’m worried, and also curious to see their eyes on my book Berrie, the Magic of Pastry in the English version. I will also bring the French and Japanese version for polyglots.

By dint of studying Japanese, I hope my English is still good. Luckily I’ll go to London shortly before for Doctor Who 50th Celebration Convention, which will be an opportunity to get a little rid of French accent.

Travel is life ! I’m very lucky, I thank so much the staff of Wicked Comics for thinking of me for this trip to Malta !

Malta Comic Con
St James Cavalier, Valletta
November 30 – December 1, 2013
Site officiel

Signing sessions at the festival Paris Manga 2013 – memories


It’s been awhile since I did not went in signings in Paris, so Paris Manga was a special moment. What wonderful encounters and reunions, I am very happy♡ For little and big girls who discovered my illustrations with Berrie, those who approved my text on Divines, those who follow my work for so many years, I give you a big kiss and thank you so much! Thanks to you, the festival was fantastic and moving! See you soon I hope (^^)/~~~

Salon "Paris Manga" (Paris) : 05-06 Oct 2013

Publication of “Divines, Les beautés de la mythologie classique”


2013 : Album jeunesse Divines, Les beautés de la mythologie classique (Univers partagés éditions)

My new book Divines is now available! As every books published at UP editions, Divines is available in printed edition and eBook edition. Please check out Amazon for the book, and iBookStore, Kindle Store, Google play, etc. for the eBook.


  • Language: French
  • Genre: Myth and legends
  • Book
    • Price:   9,99€  
    • ISBN : 978-2-36750-013-3
    • Format : Paperback, 60 color pages
  • eBook

Charity exhibition – Yokogawa International Art Charity Festival


I participate to a Charity exhibition at Yokogawa in Japan. This exhibition unites artists, designers and photographers to support people of the Tôhoku region after the 3.11 tsunami and earthquake catastrophe. This year, over 50 artists from 11 countries donated their artwork to support the restoration. I want to thank Stephan Ballin for organizing this exhibition, I really hope that Art can help people, especially in my beloved Japan…

2013 - Charity exhibition (SEED Art Laboratory, Yokogawa, JAPAN)

Yokogawa International Art Charity Festival
Fushigi-Ichi Matsuri
28th April 2013

SEED Art Laboratory
Yokogawa, Hiroshima

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UP editions on iBookStore Japan

Apple has heard my wish: Japan finally has its own iBookStore, and finally UP editions distribute its digital books with Japanese!

フレジー、お菓子の魔法 was already available in Japan, but by a strange process of duplication of iBookStore USA. It is now straight, and our books are among many good Japanese books and manga. The ideal library is finally deployed!

Working on the book and the eBook of Fraisie in Japanese language was a dream idea since last year, but when arrived the publication in February 2013, it was frustrating to distribute on Amazon Kindle Store Japan and Google Japan play without an iBookStore Japan – since it did not exist. It’s finally here, we are really happy of it in UP editions!


Fraisie – reissue 2013 & フレジー、お菓子の魔法 – publication of the Japanese edition

As well as the other books at UP editions, Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie is reissued! Perfect Bound paperback book, eBook with illustrations in higher resolution, distribtion on iBookStore over 50 countries, on Kindle Store up to Japan, and on Amazon up to the USA! What’s more, there is also a surprise:

Le livre dans ses 3 éditions : japonaise, anglaise et française

Fraisie is now released in Japanese edition! Check out フレジー、お菓子の魔法 (Fraisie, okashi no mahō) on Amazon for the book and on your tablet/eReader/smartphone for the eBook. All links of this Japanese edition can be found at the page dedicated フレジー、お菓子の魔法.

フレジー、お菓子の魔法, l'eBook sur Kindle, iPad, iPhone et le livre

Also, explore the Japanese home page of the publishing house, translated – as for Fraisie – by Masaya Nakatsu!

Offer gifts featuring Rosalys art!

There is still time for Christmas! May I invite you to visit my goods shop ^__~

Check out these goods in my shop! Check out these goods in my shop! Check out these goods in my shop! Check out these goods in my shop! Check out these goods in my shop! Check out these goods in my shop!

Please check out my shop, choose your country to visit your local Rosalys store:


Publication of “Berrie, the Magic of Pastry” as paper book in USA, UK and Europe

“Berrie” is now also published as paper book ; the book in full color, paperback and glossy cover is superb! This is my first book available worldwide, I really hope that many people from different countries will discover my work!

Available on Amazon USA, UK, Europe and expanded distribution – see the outlets.

Publication of the eBook “Berrie, the Magic of Pastry” for iPhone/iPod

“Berrie” paves the way for an even wider distribution of the future UP editions’ books! After the format iBooks especially for iPad, here comes “Berrie, the Magic of Pastry” for iPhone/iPod, available in 32 countries! And that’s not all because very soon, even more formats, more bookstores, and the paper format – in fact, even before my announcement, English readers have already bought “Berrie” as paper book, how fast! So UP editions’ books, in their French edition as well as in their English edition, will be really accessible as much as possible. It is my desire: to share these creations, these universe, and soon those of new authors who deserve to be known.

UP editions – balance of our books + ~Berrie around the patisseries~

A little balance of Univers partagés editions!

Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan continues to sell very well as an eBook notably iBookStore and Amazon Kindle Store, and especially as a paper book on! (yet available in French only, English version coming soon) Besides the reprint is considered, it is our bestseller!

Of course excepting Workaholic, which is at the firmament of eBooks of over 30,000 downloads.

About Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie, the book was published less than 3 months ago and already the English version is published. On iBookStore, Berrie, the Magic of Pastry is featured alongside its French big sister ^_^ Berrie is doing well because it ranks 9th in the Top Charts.

I love this book so much that I started a series of fun photos: ~Berrie around the patisseries~ You can play too, send me your pictures!

Finally, do not forget the book signing for Otaku Tōkyō et Fraisie next week! Come at Fnac of Nantes since 17:30

Publication of the English edition of “Fraisie”: “Berrie, the Magic of Pastry” for iPad

Univers partagés editions is pleased to expand its horizons by publishing the English edition of “Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie”: “Berrie, the Magic of Pastry”! The story has been beautifully translated by Nocturnal Azure♡ The logo, my illustrations, etc.., everything has been readapted for this new English edition. And as usual, the iPad is the first to have it: check out Apple iBookStore to discover Berrie and her strawberry cakes! Do not hesitate to share it with your English speaking friends or those practicing English, it’s available in 32 countries and I sincerely hope that the English edition will meet the same success as the French edition☆彡

Of course, the eBook “Berrie” will soon be available for any tablet, eReader and smartphone. And good news: after “Workaholic – English edition” and “Berrie, the Magic of Pastry”, “Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan” will also have an English translation. Thus, all of our books will be in French and in English, to share better our universe!

UP editions – our books displayed in gondola end at FNAC bookstore

We were asked to be able find our books in bookstores, and at UP editions we seek to fulfill your wishes! Now you can find Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan and Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie in gondola end in the big Manga department of FNAC bookstore! And for the occasion, each of these works created a sensation by bringing books themed around them: guides and comic books about traveling in Japan along with Otaku Tōkyō, mangas about Magical girls and my artbook along with Fraisie.

Here are good advices for reading this summer! And best of all: the 18th September there will be a signing session of Morgan Magnin and myself at FNAC of Nantes. Have a great summer and see you in September!

Interview & tutorials in the magazine Digital artist

We are approaching the huge festival Japan expo, on this occasion just released the magazine Digital artist special manga. In this issue, very dense, there is 13 Rosalys pages! I answered to an interview and, very rare, I have written two complete tutorials. All my techniques are there ^_~

Interview Rosalys

Tutorial Pink kimono: How to draw a complete illustration from the sketch to the color on Photoshop

Tutorial Chinese thought: How to draw deep eyes

I leave you with this summerly publication, today is my last signing session before festivals in autumn, and straight after, I’m flying to Japan! Have a great summer, chew life to the fullest!

UP editions at the festival Passion Japon 2012 – memories

This weekend at “Passion Japan” was fantastic! For the first festival where Univers Partagés editions has its booth, the audience was numerous and we sold a lot!

I’m glad of my work for the publishing house and communication. Morgan Magnin was interviewed by the newspaper Ouest-France and lectured at the heart of the island of Versailles for a dense and attentive crowd. The Japanese Garden of Nantes was a beautiful place for that! For my part as an artist, Fraisie and my goods have been sold very well, like cakes! The booth of UP éditions was so large that I have also exhibited original paintings in large format, that quickly found buyers. I sold everything!

And to show you pictures of this moment, here’s a video I did. Hope you’ll like it, it is not easy to capture scenes while taking care of a booth and signing:

UP editions at the festival Passion Japon 2012

やっと! Both UP-books are published in their paper book format, just in time to be exhibited on the UP-booth at Passion Japon! See you this weekend in the Japanese Garden of Nantes: the island of Versailles. I look forward to bathe in this Japanese atmosphere for my Japanese publishing house who loves Japan! For the occasion, not only you can get the books signed by the authors, but in addition to exclusive goodies await you!

For Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie, come meet me and discover my badges, mirrors and art prints!

Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie – Publication of the children’s book

Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie is officially released today! A children’s book of 40 pages in full color from 2.99€, hoping it will be to your taste ♡ (in French language, English version is coming soon)

Fraisie as an eBook was incredibly well received: Apple has immediately highlighted it in the Selection of Children’s book on iBookStore! In the first position to the left, knowing that the same day over 150 titles in Youth category was released, be put forward like this is a great chance. In addition, Fraisie was ranked seventh best selling among behemoths like Twilight the weekend of its release! The Youth category includes many important licenses now, so we are happy of the good place of Fraisie. Thank you to those who bought the book upon its release, it is thanks to you!


The press also talk about Fraisie, thank you! (fr)

  • “Mélanger un univers pop japonais, ajouter quelques textes émaillés de gourmandises puis mélanger de magnifiques illustrations pour obtenir le conte des petites filles mais aussi des mamans nostalgiques des héroïnes de leur enfance.”
    Numéro Chik
  • “Entrez dans l’univers sucré de Fraisie, une jeune Magical girl née de la plume de Rosalys, aux éditions Univers Partagés !”
  • “Ce titre rend hommage aux héroïnes japonaises de notre enfance (Creamy Mami, Gigi, Emi magique…).”

And the icing on the cake: there are fabulous customer reviews! (fr)

  • “★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Féérique
    Cet album illustré m’a rappelé les séries japonaises que je regardais dans les années 80, toutes ces jeunes filles aux pouvoirs magiques : Gigi, Emi, Vanessa, … J’ai apprécié ce mélange avec un univers de pâtisserie, dont on sent qu’il s’agit d’un sujet cher à l’auteur car les pages de textes sont émaillées de gourmandises en tout genre ! Il y aussi une pointe de Sailor Moon, à travers la scène de transformation de l’héroïne. Les illustrations pleines sont vraiment un ravissement pour l’oeil. Ça donne bien envie de lire une suite avec cette sympathique galerie de personnages !”

    Takeru (Amazon Kindle Store)
  • “★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Fraise, ou la magie des rêves
    Voici une jolie histoire pleine de magie et de belles illustrations sucrées sur le thème des magical girls (Creamy, Gigi, Sakura ou Doremi) et de la pâtisserie. Parfait pour les fillettes à partir de 4-5 ans, mais aussi leurs mamans (ou papas) qui retrouveront en Fraisie une part de leurs héroïnes d’enfance ou même de leurs propres rêves.”

    Misstical (iBookStore)

Let’s hope that Fraisie as a paper book will have as much success! Sales in festivals and signings starting this weekend!

Fraisie – the magic of ePub for any tablet, eReader and smartphone

After Fraisie, the magic of pastry – for iPad, here comes Fraisie for any devices! (in French language, English version is coming soon) Always at sweet price and with the will to optimize the display of illustrations in full screen, taste this children’s book on your iPhone/iPod, Kindle, Kobo, Cybook, etc. You can also find the DRM-free ePub on Feedbook.

And very soon, Fraisie the paper book version! Official release on June 20, and for the gourmets of the first hour, the book is already available for pre-order on!

Fraisie – an HD magical girl in pastry on iPad

Do you remember the first magical girls from Japan? Creamy Mami, Minky Momo, etc. Those little girls, who made us dream by their magic, have now a little sister that comes from my pen and my brush: Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie (in French language, Fraisie, the magic of pastry in English is coming soon)! As a preview, before the release of this children’s book as a paper book, here comes the resolutionary digital version: Fraisie for iPad!

Each image was calibrated and sized in HD to exploit the superb screen of the new iPad. This album can be read in a double-page close to the experience of a real book, and in vertical mode to enjoy in full-screen every color illustrations. Thanks to the quality of the Retina display, any pixel and all the contrasts that I wanted to work in the illustration are brilliant. This is the best reading experience for a picture book!

Special upgrade for UP editions: Fraisie for iPad is broadcast in 32 countries, available in 9 currencies, with beautiful previews and excerpts online on iBookStore. I work hard to offer you what’s on the top of our times around books. Indeed, Apple is known to take a lot of time to check the quality of submitted eBooks, and yet Fraisie was approved by Apple almost immediately!

Finally, as an author-illustrator, Fraisie is my ultimate book ^__^ If you have an iPad, please give it a try: taste the magic of Fraisie ☆

Summer will be UP, will be Fraisie, will be … JAPAN!

June will be such an epic month! On the publisher side, I am fully focus on the promotion of Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan. On the author-illustrator side, I dedicate myself to the completion of Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie. On the events side, there are an exhibition, signing sessions and the Passion Japon festival to come. Finally, on my very personal side – and this will be the icing on the strawberry – I will once again take a plane to Japan just after my last signing session late June!!


Otaku Tōkyō isshūkan already benefits from a wonderful reception among readers: there are numerous sales, a high ranking among the best sellers in bookstores and enthusiastic press articles. What a success! The author is stunned by such an effect for his first solo release. And I feel I have done my job well and have embellished significantly a life, so I am glad ^___^


Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie is my ultimate book ^o^! 8 months of gestation, creation, improvements… Actually, not 8 months but a full 30 years life, filled with  dreams, creativity and experience, culminating in this book *___* It’s coming soon, it will be an explosion of joy when it releases!


The Rosalys exhibition starts. I will sign Fraisie.  In fact, I intended the publications of UP editions for the festival Passion Japan since the beginning. This festival will take place in the Japanese Garden of Nantes – the island of Versailles – on June, 23th and 24th. UP editions will have a booth with not only its books but also art prints, postcards and goods! It will be a colorful stand with beautiful giant posters!


Japan, I just went there in February-March for my 30th birthday, I fulfilled one of my dreams. And when I am passionate about something, my entourage is often contaminated with what I love ^o^ So my mother has for unattainable dream to visit Japan. She turns 60 this summer, so why wouldn’t I realize her dream? We only have one mom, we would not be what we are without her. That’s why I’ll go to Japan for a second time, this time by taking her on the plane, it’s my awesome gift, savings are made to be well used and I think it is a good occasion ^___^

2012, the year of the end of the world? Much better: The year where all dreams come true! Good month in June for you, enjoy 2012 a lot! Bite into life like into a beautiful strawberry ^o^

Exhibition Rosalys – at the library Emilienne Leroux

For sunny days, the library Emilienne Leroux is adorned Rosalys colors! After my demonstration of digital illustration, we continue with a full program:

  • June – july: Exhibition of comic book pages and acrylic on canvas Rosalys
  • June 27: I will deliver the prizes to the participants of the comic book contest ^__^
  • June 27: Signing session. My most recent books will be available, including the brand new Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie !

Exhibition Rosalys
June – july 2012
Library Emilienne Leroux – 21 rue Charles Roger – Nantes – France

Fraisie la magie de la pâtisserie – the cover

I work on it, at the pen, at the brushes, at all tasks A to Z since last fall; since the creation of Univers partagés editions this personal project was born. Here is the cover of my next book: Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie (the magic of pastry), to be published in June 2012! There will be signing sessions and other surprises for the arrival of summer, soon ^__^

Open sharing – the virtuous circle of sharing

Last November, Trey Radcliff put into words what I felt for a long time about something important on the web: “The Spirit of Internet-trust”. Exactly the mindset that makes me love the Internet during the past 14 years, that made me put my website under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial (that also makes me love Google+).

And now, Trey writes about Pinterest and expands the topic to: “Sharing Is not the future; it’s the now”. I didn’t want get interested in Pinterest, I am already over-connected, but he know how to talk to me: I am an artist who creates in order to communicate and who has a strong belief in the goodwill of Internet users who appreciate my work sincerely. And therefore, do I want to share on a popular platform my latest creations that can be, if it’s appreciated, re-shared with the correct paternity respected? Yes! So here it is, I am on Pinterest, ah la la ^____^

Princesses & Lolitas at the book fairs of Paris and of Montaigu

I propose to celebrate the arrival of spring with miss Pink Rose, the lady who made the cover of my artbook Princesses & Lolitas. This season, you’ll see it flourish in book fairs:

  • At the Salon du livre de Paris, march 16 – 19, 2012, on the booth Pays de Loire. This year, Japan is in the spotlight! A little of spring, a little of Japanese, and this in books, it’s exactly Princesses & Lolitas ^_~
  • At the Printemps du livre de Montaigu, march 31 – april 1, 2012. Do not hesitate to get the book at these special moments!


UP editions – Workaholic – Comic book for any smartphone, tablet and eReader

And voila! Workaholic is available for any smartphone, tablet and eReader! The eBook is now going on to be distributed on new platforms, and now you can find it on FeedbooksVirgin MegastoreGallimardCulturaDialoguesFuret du NordDurance, etc., and also on Aldiko for Android smartphones & tablets

Workaholic - on any device

As a reminder, Workaholic is available for free in French and English on iBookstore for iPad, for iPhone/iPod and on Amazon Kindle Store.

Departure for my trip to Japan!

At last, I’m going to Tôkyô! This is my second trip to Japan, I am so happy that I wanted to draw a bit of Japan (´▽`)ノ

See also the complete illustration and the closeup

When I’ll be back I would have 30 years old. For this passage, I wanted above all realize two dreams: build my publishing house and go to Japan. And it will become two realized dreams *___*

Time flies, we must live our passions and our youth wholeheartedly! I will publish pictures live from Tôkyô on my timeline Facebook and Google+ ^_~

Happy holidays for you and see you soon! またね!

UP editions – Workaholic – Comic book for iPhone/iPod

After the release of Workaholic for iPad in French and in English, here comes Workaholic optimized for iPhone and iPod! Reading digital comic book is nicer on a screen of the size of the iPad, but carry your comic book in your pocket is also what we want to allow you to do. So don’t hesitate, this eBook is also free in this mini-version:

Workaholic - on iPhone/iPod - cover Workaholic - on iPhone/iPod - page 1

UP editions – Workaholic English edition and still Top 2 bestseller in iBookstore!

While Workaholic, in its original French edition, is the Top 2 bestseller in iBookstore for the 2nd consecutive week, the English version is out! Thank you to Nocturnal Azure for her excellent translation.

Discover now Workaholic English edition, available in 32 countries!

Workaholic English edition - on iPad - in iBookstore

Workaholic English edition in iBookstore

Workaholic 2ème semaine consécutive 2ème meilleure vente dans iBookstore

Workaholic Top 2 bestseller for the 2nd consecutive week in iBookstore

UP editions – Workaholic already Top 2 bestseller on iBookstore!

Workaholic is available since 2 working days, just at the same time as the festival of comic books of Angoulême opened its doors. What a surprise to see that our first eBook is already the Top 2 bestseller comic book/manga on iBookstore!

Workaholic - sur iPad - 2ème meilleure vente dans iBookstore

I would not have imagined that so many readers would be interested in this modest creation, given the flood of eBooks published, and even more free eBooks! And this is not the only pleasant surprise, Workaholic enjoys a warm and wide welcome: Morgan meets the press who is curious and open, and me I work to make the book multi-lingual multi-format multi-platform yet stronger because this eBook is selling very well in France but also in Spain, Italy, England and United States! So stay tuned ^__^

Univers partagés editions – New publisher & its first publication iBooks

I am happy to start this new year of the dragon by telling you about the project I’m working on discreetly since last year: a new publishing house, Univers partagés éditions ! On the occasion of its first publication, I start to reveal what is this newcomer on the website UP ^_~ Found an associative publishing house, with an editorial line under the sign of tribute and sharing, is my dream coming true for my 30 years old ^____^ 2012 really looks like being an exciting year!

The real launch will take place in spring/summer 2012, with exclusive and original creations for both paper books and eBooks!


Of course I was eager to talk about UP editions, but what really precipitated this present announcement is… the recent Apple keynote ^o^ So here comes our first eBook fully optimized for iPad: Workaholic. And to begin with friendly, this eBook is free! Check it out dear iPad users, go to iBookstore! (multilingual version and other formats for other readers will come soon)

Workaholic - sur iPad - couverture Workaholic - sur iPad - 1 page Workaholic – on iPad – 2 pages

Cute flowers at FIBD Angoulême 2012

If you don’t already have it, you’ll find my first artbook Cute flowers at the International Festival of Comic books of Angoulême that starts today! Rendez-vous at the booth BD associées editions (Bubble “New York” booth F28). Feel free to support them and watch their new publications, notably Yam studio which is this year in competition for the price of Alternative Comic book☆


And do you enjoy seeing sketches? I’m having fun right now in uploading photos of sketches directly via iPhone in Instagram: @rosalys_art ^o^! As I spend much more time in putting the finishing touches to my illustrations now – average completion time from 8 hours to… 5 days ^^; – it’s a fun way to continue to share new pictures.

So far I had not tested Instagram because there are already plenty of networks. And the Open Graph of facebook, as an inter-network protocol, began to integrate it very well, so I let myself try ^ o ^ What a surprise to see that so many people use it regularly! I found illustrators Japanese, American, French, mostly everyone, it’s fantastic! If you too are on Instagram, feel free to add me ^_^