Fraisie – reissue 2013 & フレジー、お菓子の魔法 – publication of the Japanese edition

As well as the other books at UP editions, Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie is reissued! Perfect Bound paperback book, eBook with illustrations in higher resolution, distribtion on iBookStore over 50 countries, on Kindle Store up to Japan, and on Amazon up to the USA! What’s more, there is also a surprise:

Le livre dans ses 3 éditions : japonaise, anglaise et française

Fraisie is now released in Japanese edition! Check out フレジー、お菓子の魔法 (Fraisie, okashi no mahō) on Amazon for the book and on your tablet/eReader/smartphone for the eBook. All links of this Japanese edition can be found at the page dedicated フレジー、お菓子の魔法.

フレジー、お菓子の魔法, l'eBook sur Kindle, iPad, iPhone et le livre

Also, explore the Japanese home page of the publishing house, translated – as for Fraisie – by Masaya Nakatsu!

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